PayPal rumored to now serve Russia

That, if true, would indeed a piece of very good news.

The way things are now it makes no sense for me to accept payments under $50.  Thus $50 invitations while they could easily be $25.  Or no commercial interest on my part on dealing with rooms or doing small errands.  If the rumour is right and I can now accept PayPal payments even with my pariah Russian IP address that opens a bunch of possibilities for new tiny inexpensive services.

I’ve checked my account and it is still there. My e-mails or  should work for a PP transfer.  Guess I’ll ask whoever needs to make a small payment to do it via PayPal to see what happens. At worse it will bounce it did when I first tried it around 2006(??).

But that PayPal would all of a sudden start working in Russia sounds just too good.  This is a land of bad news.  Probably a misunderstanding. May work for a while but then either PP will retreat from Russia because of mass scam and other problems or the local authorities will impose limitations, or both.

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