Poetic justice

Years ago I helped quite a number of IT experts to leave this land. And now I can’t fiind a good one to help me get rid of a computer virus! Or even to reinstall darn Windows.

Borrowed from http://true-color-of-mind.blogspot.com, a site by Vishanth Panakkal, an expert in karma. Vishanth will tell all interested in how justince is put together from the engineering point all about karma sanchita, karma prarabdha, and karma priyamana. In the story below I think it is the second variety, karma prarabdha. If I had a choice I suppose I’d pick the Christian architecture, where justice is metigated by mercy. But then again, their higher being is subject to bouts of rage. Can’t makeup my mind. Not that it’s of any consequence.

Among my immigration clients were a few welders and car mechanics and construction workers too. Most are now doing well in Canada while I’m working on my own car not because I can’t afford to have it done at a garage (things are not quite that bad yet) but because present-day Russian mechanics can’t do anything beyond a very straight-forward job. I’ve been running, to no avail, after a welder to put together the front bumper to nearly a month now.  Looks like we’ll end up doing it outselves with Dima, which does not make sense.

Sigh. I was somehow hoping that the laws of karma at least provide a pause between an action and its consequences. A pause measured in lifetimes, not years.

But there is a bit of justice in the concoction that makes up this world.


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