Pomegranate wine from Armenia, $4/lb couscous

One of the best warming and mildly intoxicating beverages I’ve tried in a while. R280 ($9) per bottle.  Found in the Kosher store at Trifonovskaya 45 (Metro Prospekt Mira or Rizhskaya).  Alcohol is sold “for religious purposes only” but I announced myself a devotee of Bacchus and had no problem.

Also bought couscous at the same store. R120 ($4) for 450 grams. Considerably cheaper than in Indian Spices. As to quality that will be assessed tomorrow morning. Thinking of serving it with purple onion finely chopped and possibly steamed, with onion fried in mustard oil till brown on top.

That’s what came with it. More on Moscow prices: mussels are R210/kg ($3.20/lb) and are widely available; frozen Brussels spouts are R100/kg ($1.50/lb).  The best rice I was able to find in Moscow is about R200/kg ($3.50/lb).  Estimated cost of this dish is R150 ($5). Plus a bottle of wine, R280 ($9). Plus a bit of oil and spices and one onion. My guess would be $15.

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