Pudozh winter photos

Igor Podgorny, a downshifter from Moscow, makes excellent photos. See http://igorpodgorny.livejournal.com/452094.html

My own familiarity with Pudozh is based on staying there 24 hours while local car mechanics searched all over and found ball bearings for our decaying LandRover, and successfully installed them, and enlightened us on what specific auto breakdowns are provoked by Karelian roads, and on the importance of keeping tires a bit deflated. Alexandra has connections through her Chow-Chow network. 


Pudozh winter photos — 1 Comment

  1. This was fun to run across and read! I taught middle school and high schoolers here in this building in the summer of 2003 for about 5 weeks with another teacher from Texas (I’m from Colorado). We did not have snow but the grass was allowed to grow to three feet heights all over town. We have a local river where our students begged us to let them stop early from classes and swim especially when the weather was unusually warm. Internet connection was very hard to find (one “cafe” in a little far out place in town). Our tap/shower water was rust red especially the first few gallons. We enjoyed the midnight sun (usually started to get “dark” around 2:30 AM until 4:00 AM). We wanted to visit Kizshi Island (misspelled here) but the Finnish tourists were always booked well in advance (no room for us). Prices were in a three tiered system (all over Northern Russia): Russian price (lowest); European/Asian, and American (highest by multiple amounts).

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