Shipping things from Moscow to the North of Russia

SeverTrans ( has been recommended to us by the Kandalaksha people as a cheap and reliable company that serves the northern direction (the cities covered are listed below), and today we brought 100kg of household stuff to their Mytishi (just north-east from Moscow, Yaroslavl road), and for 1000 roubles ($33) they undertook to deliver it to Kandalaksha.

But no English of course. If you are a road retard of my scale expect to spend at least half an hour looking. No, GPS may not help because the warehouse is in the midst of a huge construcdtion zone most of Moscow region has been for the last twenty years, damn perestroyka. Another 40 min. getting a pass, waiting, then filling out the order, then some more waiting, then signing out the contract in three copies, then given banking info so that you can make a payment. Thankfully, you don’t need to return from the bank but only to show a copy of the receipt but old-timers may remember the system with a separate “kassa”. The modern era equivalent of making things difficult is a trip to the bank instead to make a small payment because accepting cash, apparently, required a different licence these days.

It is 10kg (33 cents) per kilogram or a bit less. No heavy-duty packaging required. If yes, they can make a crate at an extra cost. A bike shipped to Murmansk recentely, with the crate made by NorthTrans, cost about 3000 roubles altogether. Things that take volume are 1000 roubles per cubic meter (1m3 is about 28ft3).

No document checks, to certificates/proof of ownership required, no inspection, and waiting was short by local standards. Anyone with a receipt or whose names in indicated on the waybill can pick things up. The cost of storage was described as “minimal” by falks who recommended SeverTrans to us.

Trucks leave for Archangelsk and Murmansk twice a week and take 2-3 days to get there. So normally your things will make it within a week.


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