Solnechnogorsk (“Sun City”)

What is it like? A quiet place with a definite provincial feel. Or it was about 2008, when I stayed there for a couple of days. But even now I don’t recall hearing of any particularly nasty scandals involving Solnechnogorsk. OK, a few land speculation schemes made it to mass media but that’s happening everywhere in uglier forms. Crime news mention Solnechnogorsk but very rarely. And I don’t pick up any particularly ugly “vibes” when driving through the place.

Attractions. These include a large late where you can sail or do windsurfing, a lot of horse riding establishments, and Tarakanovo, an estate that belonged to or was often visited by Alexander Blok, a “Silver Age” or “Symbolist” poet – whatever it all means – the author of “Twelve” that I believe was successfully translated into European languages and made him famous. Let me see.. Here.

Where to stay. Solnechnogorsk is 40-something kilometers from the edge of Moscow, which can be a lot of you are caught in the rush-hour traffic. So having to stay there overnight is a real possibility. I used to know people with an apartment in Solnechnogorsk but took them off my list for not making a very modest site upkeep contribution. Should not have done it because I didn’t gain anything while you travellers lost a chance to stay in a very decent place for $30-50/night but information can’t be restored. The only hotel I’m able to locate there is Elis, tel. +7(4962) 64-9580, at 84 Ulitsa Krasnaya.  But in these cities lots of accommodation options are undocumented. If you need to stay there just ask and I’m sure there will be several “obshezhitiye” or “dom otdykha” places happy to offer you shelter.

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