St. Peterburg

Unlike 15 years ago, when I started, now there is lots of information in English on just about every aspect of St Petersburg. I will thus be very selective, and my selection is determined by my own likes and dislikes. Or on recommendations from travellers.


An unnamed hotel associated with the St Petersburg Metropolitanate of the Russian Orthodox Church

I’ve recently stumbled into a hotel description that didn’t use “cozy” (every hotel uses this adjective thus making a word lose its meaning; there’s got to be such a crime as verbicide) and employed no superlatives. Just location, facilities, rates, and contact info. And photos of the sort that take an instant to shoot. I have no personal experience but the description failed to annoy me (a rare occurrence). Thus I will venture to recommend it even before I see it myself but that’s where I’ll probably stay next time I happen to be in St Petersburg. Here is the info taken from the Grad Petrov (The City of Peter) site:

Single rooms have showers. Doubles rooms have shared showers. You can use the kitchen. The kitchen is called “trapeznaya” (refractory) because it is a church-run hotel. In my experience these church establishments are not at all restrictive. If anything, quite the opposite is true. The rates are 750 roubles ($25) per night for a single room, and 450 roubles ($15) per person for a double room, which is more than reasonable for what they offer. Call +7 812 323 2867 11am to 6pm except Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, or write to

Acme Hotel

It was recommended in a posting from my board:

As to the St. Petersburg accommodation I found, it was booked through Best Hotels Russia. The Acme Hotel is located at Malaya Morskaya Str. 7. which is just a block or two from The Hermitage and close to the Neva for midnight viewing of the drawbridge opening and barge traffic. The promenade was well lit, many people, tourist and locals were about and police presence was visible. I felt safe walking alone. The Acme is on a street in the process of some sort of construction and the entry is just a simple door with a bell to alert the reception desk. The entry is very basic and the elevator is tiny. However once at the fifth floor the lobby and rooms were quite nice, clean, bright and modern. The receptionists speak English and were very helpful. They also prepare Continental breakfasts as selected from their menu and deliver it to your room at the requested time. I paid $108.51 US dollars per day plus a one time registration fee of 500 RUB. The view from the window of the room I occupied was a light well and building facing near by.

The site of this hotel is  Let me see.. “Welcome to the Acme Hotel! The hotel prides itself…”. No, I most certainly would not stay in a hotel that, instead of providing rooms, is in the business of “priding itself”. Also I would be hesitant to stay in a hotel named after skin inflammation – “acme” and “acne” are related words, both derived from Greek “akme”, which means “highest point” or “eruption”, thus English “acne”. But since is was recommended by a happy client of mine who rented an apartment from me (I bet she fell for the new “Stylish studio in the very heart of Moscow” description with blatantly made-up client feedback) before proceeding to St Petersburg I’ll add this hotel to the “recommended” list.


Recommended by the brother of famous Alexandra (see or ). The young man is sensitive to things being comme il fault so… It is about 5 minutes from Metro Petrogradskaya, ulitsa Professora Popova 26, +7 812 234 9542, +7 812 234 4309. E-mail on their overdesigned site, shown brown on brown, is not readable. The rates are from $50 to just over $100 per night.


Pereulok Grivtsova 6,near three metro stations. $50-100/night. +7 921 6126, +7 812 315 4933. Recommended by the same source as The Popov above. Gloria’s overdesigned site that I could not explore in any depth via my poor GPRS modem while sitting in a house trailer is

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