Staraya Ladoga

The first capital of Russia and Russia’s oldest city, now a small village that literally consists of things of historic and cultural significance

 Now we are beyond St. Petersburg and moving around the Ladoga Lake on our way to Archangelsk.. Staraya Ladoga may be considered Russia’s first capital, the role later played by Novgorod-the-Great, then Kiev, and then, when things got real bad, by mean and crass Moscow and a monstrosity of a city St. Petersburg.

Where is Staraya Ladoga? North-east from St. Petersburg, 120km, on your way Archangelsk.


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What to do

  • Ancient burial molds, churches of the pre-Mongol era, museums…

  • [Link to St. Petersburg group with sail boats]

Safely. Staraya Ladoga is a kind of place where houses are not normally locked and travellers are welcomed anywhere. Not to pick up a hitch-hiker is bad style while further north it becomes a serious offence. The tougher the natural environment the nicer the people.

Staraya Ladoga in in the Internet, in English

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