Staritsa caves



Continuing my effort to consolidate and organize old Staritsa-related stuff..

Caves or, rather, catacombs are one of Staritsa’s attractions. The technology was to dig into limestone hills and cut blocks when they are soft. Brought out they would harden on contact with air. These mines were later abandoned and turned into natural-looking caves.

Icicles glow up from the ground as a result of a reverse in the gravitation field. Careful not to get into one of these zones or you’ll fly out into space.


An ancient photo (est. 6800BC) of a cave artist. 

Bats. Lots of these.bats_bunchcave_roomwagon


Late fall expedition to the caves.Copy of horse_cart

In summer it is looks more pleasant but appearances are deceiving. Horse flies are much worse than snow and cold.
caves_2limestone_4Locals, when they need limestone. just wait till it gets exposed by natural causes. There usually is a good outcrop of flat limestone pieces in the spring. Limestone extraction is what resulted in famous Staritsa caves.




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