Staritsa photos, part 1

Part 1 of my attempt to consolidate the Staritsa stuff scattered around. Here are some photos of the town and the surrounding countryside, and much more are on their way.

Rolling hills, semi-forested, largely abandoned or used for grazing, still mostly free access. Ideal for hiking or camping. In recent past (till shortly after the war) the area was densely populated (three times the density and probably 10 times the economic activity compared to present). A stroll with a metal detector is certain to get you something from the past.

Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)


Staritsa. A few onto the monastery before it was restored recently and had a wall build around it.

russian_countryside_sunny_octoberIn the middle of October trees turn bright red and yellow.


Bridge over the Volga river.


This photo conveys the feel of late fall and winter, the seasons that define Russia.


The oldest of Staritsa cafes. Monseigneur Pushkin himself bough Champagne here when on his way to visit the Kern family is Bernovo, and  back in 1996 Comrade Voytinsky made a decision to make the vicinity of Staritsa his home, a move that cost him over 10 years of his life, while sipping vodka-fortified beer in this cafe, that back then was called “bylina” and wasn’t yet covered in plastic.


Hotel. Rooms were $30-70 last time I checked. Or stay with us in the village of Dubrovki, where $50 will cover basic accommodation, food, and horse riding. I’m gone but my ex dacha and horses project keeps on going in Dima’s capable and caring hands. See volga_rafting_canoe_water volga_rafting_cave

Limestone was extracted in the vicinity of Staritsa for centuries. The result is these catacombs all over. One of the more popular Staritsa attractions and yes, Dima regularly takes travellers there. More on Staritsa catacombs later.

Enough as a start. Now no one will say the Staritsa category is empty. More coming up. Need anything in Staritsa? Ask. I’m still there myself once in a while, and Dima has quite successfully taken over my Dacha and Horses project so Staritsa remains very familiar territory.

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