Still looking for a WP expert

I’m back to where I’m started. were not able to solve the issue. But at least they responded fast and gave sensible advice and agreed to issue a refund when it bacame obvious there is no progress. Virus alarm reports keep on coming. Constructive turn-key proposals are welcomed. Please no vague strategic advice. I need someone to just solve the problem quicky, professionally, and for an appropriate fee. I’m loooking for a solution, not advice. Not in this case. But whoever figures this one out can count on a long list of WP questions most of which are probably very easy for someone who’s been doing it for a while.

Suppose I should have by now gotten used to the fact that its harder to buy than to sell a service. In two recent projects I was hired to act on behalf of the **paying** side. And these were not easy tasks. But that was an aside. The issue is I NEED A REAL WP EXPERT AND I NEED IT NOW.

Wish I kept contact details of computer people from the 90s and early 2000s. Now most of them are in Canada. And I don’t even remember their names. Serves me right.

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