Summer plans starting to take shape

I’ve been booked from July 5 to July 12 2012 for a Russian Misery Travel (c) trip.  Most Russian travel of course turns out to involved misery but in this case I’ve been explicitly asked to arrange an uncompromisingly authentic experience.

That means plans for self-imposed exile to the White Sea for the entire summer are scrapped, and I’ll be in or around Moscow, possibly at my former dacha, most of June.

Ideas/requests/proposals on how I can can apply myself in June in a fun and profitable way are welcomed. From my side I’ll be trying to entice travellers to explore rural Russia. A truck and a camper are available. The cost of the vehicle, a basic place to stay (the camper even has a toilet and a rudimentary shower), and of me in the capacity of a driver, a guide, and an all-around assistant is about equal to what you’d spend travelling on your and staying in average hotels. A car for rent will be about $100/day. A hotel $70-100. But for $250 plus direct expenses you can hire me with this outfit.

One double and one single bed. Heater and gas stove. Toilet, sink, sort a shower of a sort. Very comfortable for one, bearable for two, hellish for 3 or 4. I tried it with three, plus one clumsy and smelly dog, in winter conditions. It was bad.

Then I’m out of circulation July 5-15. If there is nothing likely to be fun or generate profit to keep me in Moscow after July 12 I’ll be heading to Kandalaksha (the Kola Peninsula) right after I’m done with the Misery Travel (c) job. Back in Moscow at the very end of August or beginning of September.

Be assured that there will be someone left in Moscow to look after your needs. As far as routine services go (accommodation, airport pickups, the invitation and registration hassles) it is business as usual no matter what.

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