The Feb. 4 protest march

Just so that you remember who is in charge, go through metal detectors to get into the march zone. Demonstrate the contents of your pocket to show submission.

Those with red (communists) and black or black/yellow/white flags (nationalists) made the most organized and vocal. They actually marched. Unlike us liberal wimps who plodded alone thinking of a tea with vodka and a bar of chocolate – the best method I know of to thaw out quick*. If nationalists and communists are the face of the opposition I’m for Putin &Co as the lesser evil.

And “typical” Russian faces – wide, round, with high cheek bones thanks to Mongol input – were represented by the police I’m afraid.

Rejection of individuality (communists and traditionalists) and obsession with control (the system) is what makes up this country.

And the place of those who protest is in for now in the paddock soon to be replaced by cells and camps surrounded by barbed wires.

Need to re-activate my immigration interview preparation services. More on it later.

Was sick at the end of that day. Literally. Something that has never happened to me before. Thought that “sick” as a synonym of “disgusted” was just a figure of speech.


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