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I keep on adding info to but structurally this site is a disaster and I’m not likely to do much about it till done with Moscow materials. Early June 2013 is the earliest I’ll get back to For now it is suspended in transition from HTML to CIS and then back to HTML and then.. Decision making is not exactly my strong point. At the moment, given the nature of its content (a large number of small pieces of info) I’m inclined towards CIS (WordPress) and thus making this version open by default. To see the static version follow  Opinions from knowledgeable and interested parties are welcomed. Comments to the effect that what I do is not easy to navigate etc. will have no effect other than annoying me.


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  1. Static site with a link to the blog (Our trips)? A simple menu as a cheap-moscow. Static pages for key points or the points where there is a complete information (accommodation, food, shopping, transportation, and other like on my Poyakonda). The other points in the blog by tags. Is it possible?


    There is no function to link or insert a picture or change the font in the comment..

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