Two distinctly “Russian” episodes

I don’t understand how four days of a rather uneventful trip could generate so many adventures. Now I’ll share with you two that I thinks are illustrative of how things work here.

One belongs to the very beginning of the trip. I pull up to a gas station where attendants fill tanks. I proceed to the cash register to pay, made a deposit the way it is normally done here, and waited. Nothing was happening. After a minute or two I enquired what was up and was told that “The filler does not serve pump No.5” and that I need to either serve myself or move the car to pump number whatever. Weird but this is not the first time I encountered such situation. In one case I was told that only the pump that’s not surrounded with puddles is being served by attendants. OK, at least there was a reason. Here there was none. Just “pump No. 5 is self-service only”. There was no difference in price. Other pumps had diesel fuel too. The only explanation I have is my compatriot’s love for making up rules.

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