Types of trips, costs, examples

This is an overview of what I can do to enhance your Russian trip. Detailed proposals will be added soon.

Types of trips

  • Moscow to St. Peterburg through small towns and villages. Typically takes 3-5 days.
  • Gold Ring tours. This site is based on several of these.
  • Camping, wilderness, horse riding. Out of the way and out of this world places, heavy-duty authenticity.
  • Special mission trips: filming, writing, info gathering, historic.
  • Extensive expertise on the South edge of the Kola peninsula, from Kandalaksha to Varzuga. I expect to be available for these starting July or August 2013.


  • $250-350 per day will normally get me, a vehicle, and a camper and a lot of camping equipment.
  • Sometimes, for a worthy mission and subject to my availability, I may offer my services “at cost”.
  • By hiring me you can easily save enough on transportation, accommodation, and cafe meals to cover the cost of my time and vehicle use.

Trip/project examples

  • These are scattered all over but I will be making an effort to consolidate jobs related to travel in one place. Be back!


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  1. We will be coming in on a cruise ship that will be in St Petersburg for 3 days in June. We would like to have one day for art museums and architecture, and then we would like to do a little trip into the country to see some organic farms or a health spa. Any suggestions?

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