Yes another anti-example of how not to work with me. Monday morning rant.

Late afternoon yesterday I got an email and then a few calls from a fellow left out on the street in one of the worse areas of Tver, already a difficult city. We discuss his options, I give him a load of instructions including Russian phrases he’d need to explain himself to the taxi driver, the name of a Tver hotel that caters to foreigners etc. and asked him to tell me when the situation sorts intelf out. Knowing that someone may be wodering in the outskirts of Tver is not that comfortable. So I explicitly asked to be informed when it is over or if my involvement is required. Even without my asking it would seem that notifying me would have been a natural thing to do. But no, he didn’t bother. And it is not an isolated story but an example of how clients and would-be clients typically behave.

While in the mood I’ll also mention a lawyer who sent me this example of misapplied legalese in Friday. He wrote: “Please also consider that I shall require the following services: On April 27 2012 I will need to be delivered to the airport”.  No time, no airport. Instead of the required service the fellow got a mini-lecture on the use and misuse of passive voice.

Very few clients qualify for the actual Black List. Maybe a couple a year. Much less than “industry average”. But a lot are annoying. Often creatively so. I’m establishing a new category, Feedback about clients. Look though it before making an enquiry, lest you provoke this old grouch into snapping at your instead of thinking how to better look after your needs.

PS. I will gladly consider a job as far as possible from people, and especially people who move around this planet with no sensible aim or purpose.


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