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Informational – Got anything to say? Please leave a notice on my BOARD. I’ll copy it to the appropriate page or post. Or leave a comment to any of the pages. If you want to contribute materials regularly, please register. This way you’ll be able to add and edit articles. I certainly hope others will participate. That’s why I move to this WordPress, damn be the day I heard the name, and have been trying to figure out how it works since November 2011. I would not say I got nowhere but the amount of progress per unit effort has been disappointing.

Financial – Hire me. Geographically, my familiar territory is Moscow, Tver, Kandalaksha, and anything between. My core expertise is comprehensive trip assistance, from answering pre-trip questions, or arranging visa support, to helping you with accommodation, to acting in the capacity of guide, translator, gopher, fixer or whatever. I prefer travellers with a mission, eg. journalists, film makers, those looking for persons or graves, into charity missions whatever. Anything other than “just” tourists.

Technical and informational – I could certainly use some help with WordPress. More importantly, I need NON-TRIVIAL advice on site optimization and promotion strategy. How to remain visible despite exponential growth of “rewritten” websites made with gaining visibility as the only purpose? And to do that without spending the bulk of resource on remaining visible. That’s one of the key strategic questions I need help with..

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